Know Your Local Government: Development Edition

This page will continue to be updated in the coming weeks. It originates in the Affordable Housing Working Group’s desire to get to know all the “players” in the local government and their roles in getting things done when it comes to housing and other development.

First, some sources:

Boards & Committees page of

Vacancies - Apply to be on a Board or Committee

Links to Salem Ordinances & Charter, Mass General Laws, and Open Meetings Law

Now, for your LOCAL government (Development Edition):

Mayor and City Council

Planning Department

Planning Board

Zoning Board of Appeals

Historical Commission

Salem Redevelopment Authority (SRA) (not part of the city government)

Design Review Board (advisory to SRA and Planning Board)

Conservation Commission

Sustainability, Energy, and Resiliency Committee (SERC)

Community Preservation Committee

Commission on Disabilities

Salem Harbor Port Authority

Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board

Traffic & Parking Commission

Bicycling Advisory Committee

No Place For Hate Committee

Salem Housing Authority (not part of City government)

Salem/Beverly Water Supply Board (not part of the city government)

South Essex Sewerage District (not part of the city government)