Planning Department:

Professionals employed by the City of Salem.


The Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) is responsible for a wide range of activities and duties, including economic development, land use planning, housing policy, transportation projects, historic preservation, open space conservation programs, and neighborhood improvement efforts. DPCD administers several programs to promote homeownership and economic development, including the Housing Rehabilitation Program, First Time Homebuyer Down-Payment Assistance Program, the Small Business Loan Program and Storefront Improvement Program. The Department conducts studies of important issues and long range planning opportunities in the City, and prepares plans and strategies for solving those problems. In addition, the department assists in the preparation of the City's long-term capital improvement plans.

DPCD coordinates the City's efforts with state agencies and regional planning commissions and it oversees the operation of the Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Historical Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Harbor Plan Implementation Committee, Artist’s Row and the Salem Redevelopment Authority. The Department also administers the City's federal Community Development Block Grant and HOME Programs.”

The Planning Department, under the Director of Planning, supports various City boards in carrying out their duties.