At-Large: Conrad Prosniewski

Born, raised and educated in Salem, and after serving my community for nearly forty one years, I wish to continue my commitment to the people of Salem.

As a voice and leader with the Salem Police for many years I have not only been been exposed to the many issues and difficulties our city has faced, but also helped organize and strategize many successful initiatives and plans of actions.  I have been and continue to be totally committed to improving the quality of life for everyone in Salem.

Born in 1954 I am first generation American whose parents immigrated after WW II. Both worked in factories raising myself and my sister Barbara, who is a doctor residing in California.  Their dream came true, as should the dreams of others.  Without their efforts I would not have my wife Julie, my two children Michael & Kristina and my grandson Tommy who are my life.


  • St. John the Baptist Elementary School

  • Salem High School Class of 1972

  • Essex Technical Institute A.S. Environmental Science

  • North Shore Community College, A.S. Criminal Justice

  • New England Flyers, Private Pilot

  • Eagle Scout

  • Police Patrol Officer 1978 – 1991

  • Sergeant/Detective 1991 – 2004

  • Lieutenant/Police Prosecutor 2004 – 2016

  • Captain 2016 – 2018

  • Executive Officer 2018 – 2019

  • Dive Master/Dive Team Commander 1993 – 2018

  • Public Information Officer 1991 - 2019

  •  City of Salem, Mayor’s Citizen Advisory Committee 1999- Present

  • City of Salem, Waterfront Advisory Committee 2004 – 2008

  • City of Salem, No Place for Hate Committee 1995 - 2019

  • Board of Directors/ Salem Children’s Charity 1992 – Present

Why are you running for Councilor and what particular skills can you bring to the position?

As a Police Officer with nearly 41 years of experience, and devoted to helping improve the quality of life for all of us in Salem, I simply wish to continue serving my community.

My career began in 1978 as a Patrol Officer for over ten years I was assigned to the Point section of Salem.  I made many friends and enjoyed serving a largely immigrant population. Drawing from my own upbringing from immigrant parents I welcomed the opportunity to help break down barriers and educate many on the differences between our police department as compared to what they experienced with police in their countries.   It was my privilege to work and serve with a community that opened their homes and shared their culture with trust in my sincerity.

As a Detective for nearly 20 years, investigating crimes ranging from petty larcenies to murder, my strength was my tenacity, and my compassion genuine and true.

As a Sergeant during the start of Community Policing I was given the opportunity to help create several initiatives and programs including the Citizen’s Police Academy, Neighborhood Crime Watch, and Behind the Badge Access Television Show, all successful in helping to bring together the police department with our community.  

As a Lieutenant and Police Prosecutor for eleven years, my experience in our courts and with the judicial system allowed me to represent not only the police department’s efforts, but more importantly the victims of crimes and the impact on their lives.

As a Captain and Executive Officer my experiences now include commanding divisions, department budgeting and grant writing, and throughout my career working with the many city department and officials addressing the safety and concerns of our community.

As Public Information Officer for over 25 years, open, honest and truthful dialogue with the media and the public was key in maintaining transparency and the integrity of the Salem Police Department.

What are some of your proposed solutions towards resolving the housing crisis in Salem?At this point I cannot offer a simple solution to such a complicated and highly debated issue, but as a lifelong member of this community, and seeing the changes it has experienced over the last fifty years,  I am willing to listen, learn and represent what I believe is in the best interests of Salem.

How do you see Salem impacted by the climate crisis and what new initiatives would you take to lead Salem's resiliency efforts?

We all know climate change is real and as a waterfront community we have to seriously look at what changes are reasonably forecasted  and how we can work together to adapt with these changes.

Please outline some ideas you have that can enhance civic engagement at the city level.

To me civic engagement means open, honest and transparent dialogue not only between city administrators and staff, but more importantly with the community as a whole. Genuinely listening to even the smallest of issues, even those that may seem trivial or non-essential to most of us, are usually truly important to the person reporting them and should not be brushed aside. As a community impact supervisor, gaining the trust of the public meant genuinely caring and doing something about it.